7 Best Color Choices for Minimalist Homes

7 Best Color Choices for Minimalist Homes

Jakarta - Interior and exterior design in a minimalist home concept must be in harmony, Mother. No exception the color game.

According to color and design consultant, Jennifer Ott, color is an important part in designing a dwelling. But to create a minimalist home, the use of color should not be excessive.

"It is best to limit the palette to two to three colors. And if you have a brick or some kind of fixed element that will not be painted, then it is considered a color, especially if it is a colorful brick or stone," Ott explained, quoted from Ballard Design, Tuesday (10/3/2020).

You also need to take note, if in a room with too many colors, the minimalist impression will disappear. Not only that, color choices are also the key to creating a minimalist home feel.

Well, here are some of the best color choices that are suitable for minimalist homes, reported by various sources:

1. White

It is no secret that white is one of the best colors for minimalist home decor. The white touch not only makes the house feel neat and clean, but also spacious and still simple.

2. Mint green

Mint green color can provide coolness and calmness. Covering the walls of the house with a touch of mint green will give the impression not only simple, but also perfect.

3. Light blue

If Mother likes calm colors with natural shades, light blue is the choice. To create perfect colors such as the sky and the sea, light blue can also be combined with various other variants of blue or white.

4. Blush pink

Blush on pink color will give a strong soft impression, but still warm. Especially for Mother who likes feminine colors, this pink blush can make a happy mood, just by enjoying the color.

5. Young ash
If Mother likes monochrome colors, light gray is the best choice. This light gray color can also be mixed with dark and light colors, for example combined with black, purple, or white.

6. Beige

The combination of white, light brown, and yellow blends perfectly into a cream color. This color will give a warm and friendly feel, but does not eliminate the simple impression of a minimalist residence.

7. Peach

Peach colors can be a minimalist home color choices if you want to strengthen the impression of glowing in a minimalist home. Nevertheless, the soft touch of peach still makes the house seem warm and spacious.